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For many children, online NAPLAN tests will be more engaging.

Support your child to understand that the questions they attempt will be more suited to their ability, relieving any concerns they may have, along with the fact that they will be using a computer or device.

NAPLAN Online tailored test design starts with a standard set of questions, then as your child responds to questions, moves to questions that are suited to their ability.

In most of the tests, students can go back and change answers. Students can also check their progress at any time during the test. Students won't be able to go back to questions that provide an online calculator, if they have left that testlet.

A public demonstration site is available where you and your child can view the sorts of ICT skills that are used in questions they encounter with NAPLAN Online. The demonstration site does not tailor to a student's ability though. The questions are just provided to show what a test might look like.

Parent pack

If your child is undertaking NAPLAN Online in 2020, please read these supporting documents for parents and caregivers. Your child’s school will also communicate this information to you, as well as school-related planning details.

Additionally, all NAPLAN Online written responses in 2020 will be scored by a human marker and further research of automated essay scoring will be undertaken by ACARA.

The Year 3 writing assessment will continue to be conducted using pen and paper testing.

Five quick facts

  • Students can use their own device as long as schools support BYO devices and the device meets ACARA's technical requirements. Please see your school for more information about using BYO devices for NAPLAN Online.

  • Students use 7 main ICT skills to undertake online assessment. Encouraging and showing your child how to write using a computer and edit their writing, will help them to write well. Word processing makes it easier to move words around and to replace and delete them. It is a skill needed in many career pathways.

  • Students with disability will be better catered for, as questions will be adjusted to suit the child's ability and learning needs. A principal would need to register any educational adjustment prior with the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority.

  • Principals will receive student reports within three to four weeks from the national platform, allowing teachers to use the information to plan to progress learning for each child. Because of the tailored test design, the reports will be more precise, especially for students whose scores are at either end of the national scale.

  • It is important to remember that NAPLAN is purely a literacy and numeracy test, at a point in time.

Visit ACARA's NAPLAN website, particularly the frequently asked questions, to find out more about NAPLAN Online.

Advice for parents and caregivers about NAPLAN in general is also available.

Last updated 03 November 2020