Scheduling tools

The test window for NAPLAN Online will extend up to nine days.

This expanded test window allows schools more flexibility in scheduling and accommodates schools which have fewer devices than students.

View the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority’s (ACARA) infographic (PDF, 1.1MB) which explains the test window in more detail.


Capacity Planning Tool

Schools will schedule the four NAPLAN tests within the nine-day period.

To help with scheduling the tests, ACARA has provided a national Capacity Planning Tool for all schools in Australia.

Schools input their parameters such as number of students and rooms, to create test schedules. Independent and Catholic schools will find this tool especially relevant.

QDET's Technical Readiness Tool

Queensland state schools have access to a more detailed pre-populated planning scheduler called the Technical Readiness Tool.

The Technical Readiness Tool helps state school leaders to develop test scheduling options for NAPLAN Online. The tool is additional to the nationally available Capacity Planning Tool. 

The Technical Readiness Tool combines pre-populated fixed technical requirements for NAPLAN Online testing with the different data inputs at each state school.

This creates a tailored NAPLAN Online schedule for each school, taking into account the following:

  • bandwidth required and device age
  • number of computers and devices (school owned)
  • the order the assessments have to be taken
  • available rooms and seats
  • student class details and their test sessions.

The tool does not take into account student owned BYO devices. BYO devices can be used if they meet NAPLAN Online's technical requirements, which need to be considered if students are going to use their own device.

The tool's scheduling function can be run as many times as needed to reflect changes in school resourcing and circumstances.

Variables can be changed, such as which classrooms to use, how many days to run the tests (within the nine-day test window) and how many sessions to run each day (up to three).

For example, if a school has set aside 20 laptops for the test period and three laptops become unavailable, the tool can generate a new test schedule to use other available hardware or BYO devices.

How to access the tool

State school leaders are invited to contact the Queensland Department of Education's NAPLAN Online Program team or their regional technology manager for support in accessing and using the tool.

Last updated 21 April 2020