Student readiness

​​​Support student digital capability

Schools support students to develop ICT general capability skills in the Australian Curriculum. Building ICT capability involves students learning to use ICT effectively in all subjects, learning areas and year levels.

The skills needed for online assessment are developed when students read, plan and compose digital texts, use headsets, manipulate objects, and navigate on screen.

Use the reflection questions below to inform whole-school approaches to developing students' digital capability.

Reflection questions

  • Are there consistent approaches to the use of ICT within the curriculum, across year levels.
  • If your students undertook online assessment today, what skills would they need help in developing.
  • What curriculum teaching and learning and resources will best support students to develop these skills.

Note: These reflection questions are included in the Three Point Plan.

Practical examples

The use of ICT should be purposeful and linked to curriculum concepts as opposed to separate unrelated activities. To achieve this, incorporate ICT skills into day-to-day activities and lessons. For example, if a student is constructing a text, look for opportunities where ICT can be used within the writing process.

Develop student ICT skills in all year levels and curriculum areas, as described in the Australian Curriculum, to ensure students have a positive online assessment experience.

Ideas for students

Visit the ACARA public demonstration site.

  • Try some questions to familiarise students with the ICT skills used in NAPLAN Online assessments.
  • Show students how to use the magnification tool, progress summary page and navigation.

Watch online video tutorials.

  • Teachers can use ACARA public demonstration site in conjunction with the videos below and the videos on ACARA YouTube channel, to enable students to practice the various skills outlined in the tutorials. The videos were designed to assist students to understand how to navigate through the NAPLAN Online platform. These tutorials take a detailed look at the specific ICT skills needed to confidently engage with a variety of question types and online tools.

Check to ensure students are familiar with the device they will use.

Develop ICT capability in the curriculum.

Last updated 21 April 2020