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​Do you have a question about NAPLAN Online or Queensland’s transition approach?

General NAPLAN Online enquiries

NAPLAN Online is a national project, so NAPLAN related questions about NAPLAN Online should be directed to the Australian Curriculum Assessment Authority (ACARA) or the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA).

ACARA detailsQCAA details
Website: NAPLAN Online
Phone: 1300 895 563 or (02) 8098 3100
Website: QCAA NAPLAN Online
Phone: (07) 3864 0396


Transition enquiries for Queensland schools

Please contact your relevant Queensland sector for support and advice on transitioning to NAPLAN Online.

The department's NAPLAN Online program team is supporting state schools as they transition. The team developed the Queensland NAPLAN readiness approach in consultation with the QCAA and the independent and Catholic school sectors.

State schools are invited to contact the team for support with all aspects of the approach including student, staff and school readiness.

Queensland state school general enquiries
Telephone: (07) 3034 4385

Staff networks

Independent Schools Que​ensland (ISQ)​ provides advocacy, support and advice to independent schools transitioning to NAPLAN Online.

Twelve ISQ schools successfully made the transition to NAPLAN Online in 2018.​

NAPLAN Online resources are organized into three locations for ISQ member schools (ISQ member login required:

General NAPLAN Resources​

NAPLAN Online Resources​

NAPLAN Online Resources for Transition Schools​​

ISQ general enquiries
Telephone: (07) 3228 1515

The Queensland C​atholic Education Commission (QCEC)​ has established a National Online Assessment Taskforce to oversee the transition to NAPLAN Online across the Queensland Catholic sector.

Catholic school authorities, being the five dioceses and 17 Religious Institutes/Public Juridic Persons (RI/PJP), as well as key stakeholders such as the QCAA, will support Catholic schools in making the transition.

The Catholic sector had 53 schools successfully undertake NAPLAN Online in May 2018 as part of the Queensland cohort of schools. It is anticipated that 50 percent of the remaining Catholic schools will transition in 2019 and the balance in 2020. The Catholic sector will have a representative proportion of schools transitioning in these years.

QCEC general enquiries
Telephone: (07) 3316 5800