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Find activities to develop students’ ICT skills.


Find out about Queensland’s readiness program.

School staff

Foster contemporary teaching practices to support digital capability.

School leaders

Develop a whole-school approach to student, staff and school readiness.

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ICT skills guide

Find out about the ICT skills students need for online assessment.

A better assessment for all

Benefits for students, staff and schools.

School staff networks

Access online networking spaces for state schools (DoE login required) and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ login required).


Scheduling tools

Develop test schedule options.

Three point plan

Plan your whole-school transition approach to NAPLAN Online.

Resource collection

Browse the range of high quality resources.

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Get in touch with the people who can support your school in transitioning to NAPLAN Online.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Gain answers to the most frequently asked questions about NAPLAN Online.



Access our quick reference guide on the terms used in this website.

Queensland's timeline



    Pilot schools undertake familiarisation and training.

    Queensland pilot schools participated in training and trialled the national platform in August 2016. The public demonstration site launched.



    Schools prepare to use NAPLAN Online.

    Schools that have nominated to move to NAPLAN Online in 2018 were trained and supported.



    Schools use NAPLAN Online in May.

    83 Queensland schools successfully moved to NAPLAN Online.



    Schools continue to move to NAPLAN Online.

    Schools moving to NAPLAN Online are trained and supported.



    All schools transition to NAPLAN Online.

    Schools move to NAPLAN Online unless their circumstances prevent them from doing so.

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