Readiness approach

​​Queensland schools are supported in their transition to online assessment by the NAPLAN Online readiness approach.

Queensland school sectors - Department of Education (DoE), Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) and the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) are developing and sharing resources to support all Queensland schools with their readiness to move to online assessment.

Significant planning, development, research and trialling are going on behind the scenes to get ready for the change.

The readiness approach is informed by research and international experience in transitioning schools to online assessment.

The approach was developed in consultation with stakeholders and it lays the foundation for supporting:

  • student readiness including student ICT skills and familiarity with the national assessment platform
  • staff readiness including training in the national platform and providing curriculum resources for teachers to use ICT as a regular part of their teaching practice
  • school readiness to help schools engage their communities, schedule test sessions and assess and plan school technical readiness.

From 2017 to 2021, Queensland state schools are being supported by a wide range of staff and student readiness activities including direct communication and consultation, staff professional development and training, school visits and teaching resources.

Queensland independent schools are provided with news and updates and access to a wide range of resources to support their plans to transition via ISQ’s online learning management system called ISQ portal (ISQ login required).

Queensland state schools have access to the NAPLAN Online staff network space to support their planning, sharing of ideas and training (department login required)​.

The QCAA are providing training and support to state schools, ISQ and QCEC schools as they transition to the national assessment platform.

The approach is aligned to ACARA’s National Communications and Marketing Strategy to take advantage of national resources and communications.



Last updated 17 September 2019