Studies and research

​​​The move to online assessment is informed by studies and research. Some of the current Queensland, national and international research is listed here, along with an overview of the findings.


Queensland Evidence Hub


Evidence Hub case studies (department login required)​
Examples of evidence reports about what works best, where and in what context in Queensland state schools.

NAPLAN report guides and handbooks
These Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) reports provide teachers with comprehensive information on the NAPLAN tests and the performance of student groups in Queensland. They examine each learning area/test domain. They also provide a commentary on the results, including suggestions for classroom teachers on how to further investigate their students' performance.

NAPLAN test item analyses
QCAA staff developed these materials for teachers to use with the data in their NAPLAN class reports. Each item analysis includes a description of what is being tested, references to current state and national curriculum documents, and teaching strategies that support the development of the concepts and skills being tested.

They also include explanations of possible reasons for students' selections of incorrect options in multiple-choice items and of the most common incorrect responses to spelling and numeracy items.


A Conceptual Framework for Emergent Digital Literacy 2016
This Griffith University paper proposes a framework that could guide research and practice by examining the relationships between emergent literacy skills, emergent digital literacy skills, and proficiency in reading and writing.

Beyond NAPLAN: How to read challenging texts
This QCAA paper uses data from NAPLAN to examine the performance of Queensland students on more challenging texts. It examines what constitutes a challenging text and outlines the role of metacognitive conversation and cognitive tools to assist students in analysing challenging texts more effectively. It includes resources for classroom use.

Beyond NAPLAN: Using reading data to improve students' performance in higher-order questioning
The NAPLAN reading test has regularly focused on reading with a sense of purpose, and on identifying purpose and main ideas. These items broadly assess higher-order comprehension, inference, synthesis and evaluation. This QCAA paper seeks to answer why students find these types of items difficult. It also gives ideas on how this difficulty can be addressed.

Queensland Students' Understanding of Fractions: Evidence from the NAPLAN test results
While fractions are widely used in everyday life the evidence suggests that students struggle with this important numerical concept. This QCAA paper refers to NAPLAN data and analyses specific link items in order to assist teachers in strengthening their students' understanding and application of fractional concepts. 

Last updated 16 August 2018