2017 readiness activities

Transitioning schools ready for NAPLAN Online

A recent test of the national online assessment platform offers further evidence that NAPLAN Online is ready for 2018.

In October, four of the 116 Queensland state schools transitioning to NAPLAN Online next year joined a number of their interstate counterparts to test the functionality of the online assessment platform.

The test replicated a NAPLAN Online testing experience and included the four NAPLAN domains of numeracy, reading, conventions of language and writing.

Participating schools were supported by the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority, which managed each test session.

This follows the successful School Readiness Test in September. A total of 186 state and non-state schools in Queensland completed the School Readiness Test in September 2017.

The test was a practice run for schools transitioning to NAPLAN Online next year.

Through the test, the transitioning schools:

  • confirmed they have sufficient bandwidth, wireless connectivity and devices
  • trialled online assessment administration processes and logistics
  • supported teachers and students to become familiar with the NAPLAN Online assessment platform and confident with technology-enhanced questions.
A Year 7 student using planning paper while undertaking the numeracy test online.
A Year 7 student using planning paper while undertaking the numeracy test online.

The collective learnings of the Queensland schools that took part in the test will help all schools as they transition to NAPLAN Online in coming years.

Generally, teachers found it easy to set up and manage test sessions.

Students reported their preference for online assessment over paper, with one Year 5 student saying, "I much prefer online testing to paper testing. It's how I learn and what I prefer."

School leaders and teachers were pleased to see the level of student engagement with online testing.

According to a deputy principal, one of our Year 5 boys refused to write anything in the May paper test. Yesterday, when presented with the online format, he punched out at least 200 words, with no coaxing at all.

Support for schools

The department, Queensland Catholic Education Commission and Independent Schools Queensland worked with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) to provide transitioning schools with training and support materials such as videos and guides. Also, non-state schools were invited to the department's training days for state schools.

The technical requirements for transitioning state schools have been rigorously checked by the department.

Recently, departmental representatives visited some of the remotest schools in Queensland including Mount Fox State School, Homestead State School and the cattle station-based Cameron Downs State School east of Mt Isa to test if NAPLAN Online works.

Testing proved that the technology worked without incident, reaffirming Queensland's meticulous approach to supporting schools.

Last updated 04 December 2017