2018 activities

All three Queensland education sectors successfully participated in NAPLAN Online for the first time. This included 18 state schools, 12 independents and 53 Catholic schools representing 15,952 Queensland students. Read more. 

Nationally, 191,493 students from 1,285 schools transitioned to NAPLAN Online.

The transition to NAPLAN Online was a positive experience with many schools reporting positive student experiences with students confidently completing the tests. Participating schools were supported with technical readiness checks, training and a readiness trial.

Schools received training and support by the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA). 

Regional NAPLAN Online Lead Coordinators provided Queensland state schools who were already experienced in using the national platform with flexible training opportunities to suit their needs and contexts.

The collective learnings of Queensland schools taking part in NAPLAN Online will help transitioning schools to continue having positive experiences.

This is the first time a national online testing approach has been successfully implemented in Australia. This is an important step forward, providing benefits for teachers and students including more precise information, faster turnaround of results and a more engaging experience for students.

Students, parents, caregivers and other members of school communities are invited to use ACARA’s public demonstration of the online assessment platform.

Training and support

The Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA) offered a full training day for Queensland schools in August and September 2018. The training was presented over 19 days to accommodate state schools, Catholic and independent schools.

The training provided an introduction to the assessment platform and information to assist each school to successfully participate in the School Readiness Test in October 2018 and was aimed at schools that are new to the national assessment platform.

Schools were invited to send up to three staff: principal, NAPLAN Coordinator and technical support officer. 

To help schools prepare for NAPLAN Online, approximately 338 schools completed the School Readiness Test (SRT) from 8 to 26 October 2018.

The SRT is a national activity to help schools become familiar with the assessment platform, process and check their technical readiness.

Last updated 11 January 2019