2018 readiness activities

A range of NAPLAN Online readiness activities will be offered to Queensland schools transitioning in May 2018. Schools transitioning in 2019 will be supported through training, web conferences, support material and school visits from June 2018.

Training and support

In February and March this year a training day was offered at 13 venues across the state to transitioning schools, enabling school leaders to familiarise themselves with NAPLAN Online testing processes including how to support students with disability.
Queensland state school staff are invited to participate in web conferences (departmental logon required) on the 16 April 2018 student free day.

Coordinated practice test

From 20 March to 27 April 2018, transitioning schools have the option to undertake a nationwide dress rehearsal, which is an opportunity to fine-tune any technical and logistical needs, as well as familiarise students and teachers with the online testing process. This 45-minute omnibus test for years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will cover reading, conventions of language and numeracy, but not writing.
The practice test occurs in the actual NAPLAN Online assessment platform, so student data will be used. Parents and caregivers of children participating in NAPLAN testing will need to be aware of important information relating to privacy, which can be found on the parent information page.

NAPLAN Online tests

Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in transitioning schools will participate in NAPLAN Online testing from 15 to 25 May 2018.  The test window for NAPLAN Online has been increased to nine days to allow schools more flexibility in scheduling the tests.

Schools transitioning in 2019

June to September 2018

Schools transitioning in 2019 will be offered training and support with the opportunity to trial the national platform following training. 
All transitioning schools have access to the national training environment and students can become familiar with the test item types via the public demonstration website.
From 20 to 31 August, transitioning schools can participate in a nationwide readiness test as a familiarisation activity and to confirm their technical and logistical readiness.
See Queensland’s transition timeline for more information.

September to October 2018

Queensland state schools will undertake a School Readiness Test to become familiar with the NAPLAN Online test format and processes, and to check if they are technically ready to undertake online assessment.

During testing, the department’s NAPLAN Online team will be visiting schools to observe and provide support to staff, and to identify where training and resources might be needed.

The collective learnings of Queensland schools taking part in the School Readiness Test will help these transitioning schools to have positive experiences with NAPLAN Online in 2019.

Last updated 10 May 2018