What's changing

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests are changing from paper-based tests to online assessments.

Schools that teach the Australian Curriculum, incorporating the ICT general capability into lessons, are well positioned to successfully transition to online assessments.

Read about the key changes and benefits (PDF, 702KB) that schools should consider in their transition planning.

Benefits of moving to NAPLAN Online

Schools are preparing students for the world that is here and the world that is coming: a future with ICT at its core. The move to online assessment is a natural progression of the increasing use of ICT to enhance student learning in classrooms across Australia. NAPLAN Online is a new era for NAPLAN.

For students and teachers, online assessment offers many opportunities that don't exist, or are limited, with paper-based tests.

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) trials suggest students are more engaged with online tests that use a tailored test design, which adapts to their knowledge and abilities, than they are with paper-based tests.

Students who may become discouraged when faced with challenging questions are delivered a more tailored test. This design allows for more questions at a student's particular ability whilst not increasing the length of the test.

Additionally, online assessment has the potential to provide quicker turnaround of results to help inform teaching and learning programs.

There is an expectation that NAPLAN Online will better support students with disability.

Special schools may continue to follow exemption protocols.

View ACARA's video about NAPLAN Online.