ICT skills

Students write by hand when taking paper-based tests.

During online assessment, they plan and compose digital text using word processing skills.

When undertaking online NAPLAN assessments, students will also navigate web pages and manipulate objects on-screen, using a mouse (or their fingers if they use a device such as a tablet).

Some of the spelling items will ask students to listen to audio files through headsets or earbuds.

Seven ICT skills for online assessment

Students who successfully undertake online assessment are competent in at least seven ICT skills.

They can:

  1. locate and select answers from lists
  2. type answers or responses
  3. read a screen and navigate web pages
  4. manipulate objects on screen 
  5. read and comprehend digital texts
  6. plan and compose text using word processing
  7. listen using a headset. 

The skills are detailed in the Queensland ICT Skills Guide (PDF, 1.8MB) and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

The ICT Skills Guide is designed to help teachers support students to improve their digital literacy and capability skills, and to have positive experiences with online assessment.

The guide is part of a whole-school approach to supporting students' digital capability. A quick reference guide to NAPLAN Online and the Australian Curriculum (PDF, 351KB) is also available.

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Last updated 21 April 2020