NAPLAN Online will deliver more detailed information on each student's performance.

That's because the adaptive nature of tailored tests offers students the chance to more readily demonstrate what they know, rather than what they don't know.

Teachers will receive more detailed diagnostic information based on student performance, particularly students whose performance is in the higher and lower range of scores.

Automated essay scoring

After conducting research and practical trials, ACARA has selected an automated essay scoring system capable of marking the NAPLAN writing tests.

The automated system will use the same marking criteria, known as the rubric, currently used to mark NAPLAN's paper-based tests. Marking of online and paper test writing scripts was completed by trained QCAA markers in 2018. Read more about automated essay scoring.

What is automated essay scoring? (PDF, 576KB)

Potential for faster turnaround of reporting

NAPLAN's use of tailored tests and automated essay scoring may deliver faster results to schools, students, parents and caregivers.

By 2020, school principals will access their students' results within three to four weeks of the testing period, through the national assessment delivery platform.

Each Australian state and territory has its own processes for checking and distributing results to schools.

The Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority will continue to check the results of students in Queensland's state, independent and Catholic schools and distribute the results to these schools.

Queensland state schools will continue to access student results through the department's OneSchool, which will deliver whole-school, class and individual student reports.

Queensland independent schools will continue to have access to the NAPLAN DATAPAK to assist with their analysis of their school's results.

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Last updated 07 August 2018