Technology needs

Schools with suitable hardware and reliable access to the internet are best positioned to implement contemporary teaching practices and online assessment.

ACARA provides the minimum technical requirements on the national Assessment P​latform website to assist schools successfully transition to NAPLAN Online. While NAPLAN Online assumes reliable access to the internet, a low bandwidth solution is being investigated.

State school principals can contact their regional technology managers or the department's NAPLAN Online team, for advice on their technical readiness.

Principals from Independent or Catholic school should speak with their school or system-based IT support in the first instance. Independent Schools Queensland is also available to support and advise.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Some schools are moving towards a BYOD policy, which allows students to use their own computers at school.

The use of a personal computer or tablet for national tests is supported by ACARA, as long as the devices meet the technical requirements of NAPLAN Online.

Frequently asked questions

Last updated 16 August 2018